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Mystery Box


Elevate your art experience with the POSTR Mystery Box – a carefully curated collection of exclusive surprises from our talented roster of artists. 


What's Inside:

Discover a world of artful wonders as you unbox special edition prints, each a unique masterpiece crafted by our POSTR artists. From vibrant canvases to captivating puzzles, every item is a testament to the diversity and creativity thriving in our art community.


Why You'll Love It:

Artful Surprises: Embrace the joy of unwrapping the unknown, with each Mystery Box offering a delightful surprise handpicked just for you.

Exclusive Editions: Own a piece of limited-edition artwork, adding a touch of rarity and exclusivity to your collection.

Support Artists: By indulging in a POSTR Mystery Box, you're directly supporting our artists, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of creativity.

How It Works:

Browse our Mystery Box collection.

Select your preferred Mystery Box size.

Await a carefully curated package of artistic surprises delivered to your doorstep.


Perfect for:

Art Enthusiasts

Gift-Givers Seeking the Unique

Anyone Eager to Explore New Art Horizons


Unbox creativity and add a dash of artistic intrigue to your life. Limited quantities available, so secure your POSTR Mystery Box today!

  • Small: Classic Print (8in x 10in) & Canvas (11in x 14in)

    Medium: Classic Print (8in x 10in), Canvas (11in x 14in), Puzzle (12in x 18in)

    Large: Classic Print (11in x 14in), Canvas (16in x 20in), Puzzle (18in x 24in)

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